The Great Debate

There’s a great debate that’s been raging for many years, a topic that is never brought up in polite conversation for fear offending people. Tempers flare, comments get heated, arguments rage in circles and fights break out.

What is the debate? Star Wars versus Star Trek, of course.

To be a nerd, it’s one or the other. You can’t be like certain athletes and have the best of both worlds. I won’t say which one I choose but Star Wars is obviously better.

I think I’ve worked it out though. You’re either an action nerd or a technical nerd. Would you rather slice up a bantha or discuss photon acceleration? Some nerds design things, some nerds build things and then ramp them off of stuff. I’m trying very hard to be unbiased here, for a fair impartial blog, but it’s hard. I’m an action nerd. I want to slice things up with a lightsaber! I’d be a superdangerous Jedi because I’d wanna use it for everything! Opening cans, cutting paper, opening doors…I mean gosh, it’s a laser sword! As opposed to a weapon that looks like a barcode scanner and stuns people…no wonder the dudes in the red jerseys keep dying.

I’m starting to wonder when I’m going to get to the point. SURPRISE! There isn’t one! Star Wars is better. I win.

Sorry. You can never have that time back.