Things That Bother Me

The following things bother me. If you perpetrate any of these, consider the call of the lemming.
*Whenever I have something important to do, something way more fun and awesome comes along to distract me.
*Fat people who order chips with their salad starters, have mains and dessert, plus milkshakes, then think a Coke Lite will cancel it out.
*Informercials. Why are they so addictive? They’re like visual LSD.
*People who judge others on how they dress. I know people who dress like hobos who have more class than most.
*Friends who only show up when they want something.
*People who pass the blame instead of shouldering the blame which is clearly theirs.
*Two-faced people.
*People who slam on brakes to see a whale.
*People in the express line with more than 10 items.
*People who take aggression out on people who serve them, be it waiters, retailers, whatever.
*Corrupt (insert position here).
*Fat cops.
*Hit and run drivers.
*Daniel Carter (dunno why).
*Not remembering the other points.
*Danny K.
*Decaf coffee.
*Being so far from Japan.
*Having to work for a living