I Am A Nerd

It’s true. I am a nerd. A mega-nerd. If this was The Power Rangers this would be the part where the moon witch woman would throw down her staff and shout “Make my monster grow!” and I’d turn into a massive Nerd and take on Megazord. (What was with that?)

Um…yeah…need more proof than that?

* I’m not just a Star Wars fan but I’m one of those fans who debates with other fans.
* I’ve read countless Star Wars books.
* I own a Linux shirt. Which I wear.
* I had a girlfriend tell me “You’re dressed like SUCH a nerd!”
* I work on a PC all day, complaining about how draining it is, then get home and turn on my laptop.
* And play old NES emulator games.
* I played Zelda until 4am for so many consecutive days that I would wake up thinking I could stab people and get blue gems.
* I’ve clocked a Pokémon game.
* I’ve compared my PC specs to someone elses.
* I’m the guy who comes out of Spiderman movies complaining about the inaccuracies.
* I like to watch special editions and try spot the differences.
* I look forward to software updates.
* I love open source software.
* I love anime and collect manga.
* I’ve alphabetised my CD collection and seperated my DVDs by category.
* I once gave a girl my email address in a club.
* I’ve set up my IM to handle several accounts so I can talk to everyone at once.
* I once considered MacGuyvering my mouse by taping a pen to it and offsetting it so that I had a drawing tablet.
* I know my name in Binary.
* I look forward to the results of the Large Hadron Collider and not just to see if the end of the world swings around.
* I’ve looked at something happen and named the scientific principle behind it.
* I believe that the heyday of gaming was the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Rather a nerd than a jock though…

Go read my friend Craig’s opinion on the same matter here



  1. lol classic. Dvd categorization.. hehe

  2. * I once gave a girl my email address in a club*
    Hahahaha luv it!

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