Top 5 _ Bands To Listen To When You’re Depressed (or Cheer Up Kid, It Ain’t That Bad)

Sometimes, when you’re depressed you need songs that make you think ‘At least my life isn’t THAT bad’. These are my choices.

1. Travis. This Scottish quartet sure know how to set the mood. Why does it always rain on me?

2. Interpol. Another quartet, this time from New York, they play like the band closing for The End Of The World. Great stuff. I particularly enjoy ‘There’s No I In Threesome’.

3. Norah Jones. Need I say more? Great for sobering a room full of lively people or ending a party that has gone on way too long.

4. Frank Black And The Catholics. In particular the album ‘Black Letter Days’. Written in response to therapy after a messy breakup it’s no wonder that is a good’un. ‘Winter blows through my coat, it’s chilling my bones, but nothing compares, to your cold heart of stone’.

5. Thrice. The Alchemy Index, Earth. Really sombre heartfelt songs that make you feel like there is hope in any situation.


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